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Better wellness in simple 28-day packs

Pre-built Vitamin Plans

Pre-built & Personalised vitamin plans specially designed by our Wellness Team

Our Wellness Team, composed of nutritionists and pharmacists, has crafted pre-built vitamin plans for specific focuses. They can also assist in creating a personalised plan tailored to your lifestyle. Each pack includes 28 daily pockets, featuring specially selected supplements for targeted areas.

Open Vitawake Vitamin Pack showing 28 daily pockets and supplements

You can purchase only one subscription plan at any given time. We have carefully built these vitamin plans to help you focus on specific areas of health and wellbeing. Each plan contains a combination of tablets and capsules that contain high doses of specific nutrients. We do not recommend taking more than the allocated daily dose. This is why we allow for one vitamin plan subscription per purchase. You are welcome to trial multiple vitamin plans on a one-time purchase if you prefer. This option is available on the specific vitamin plan page. For a more personalised vitamin plan to cater for a holistic vitamin routine, we recommend taking our online health consultation to see what our experts suggestions are.

Here's what you'll get...

Each vitamin pack comes with a tray of 28 daily pockets, with each pocket filled with a number of supplements to help assist with specific needs.

A daily pocket consists of a combination of no more than a total of 6 capsules or tablets, for easy and safe consumption.

The tray is formatted as 7 days across and 4 weeks down, to help you follow a simple weekly vitamin routine.

Your vitamin pack will be delivered to you every 28 days, so you can stay on top of your health routine.

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