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Pre-built Vitamin Plans
Sarah M Connell, Nutritionist at Vitawake

Personalise your
vitamin plan with help from a health pro

Nutritionist & Pharmacist support

Medication Interactions Check

Bundle up with suggested vitamins, minerals, herbals and specials

How it works

Health Quiz speech bubbles
Take the Health Quiz

Take our FREE online health consultation. You'll be asked questions about your lifestyle, diet and general health. 

It takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

Male health professional with lab coat and glasses
Professional Check

Once you've completed the consultation, your answers will be sent for review to our Wellness Team consisting of nutritionists and pharmacists. The review can take up to 48 hours.

URL link for Personalised Vitamin Plan
Personalised Plan

On completion of the review, our Wellness Team will send you an email with a Personalised Suggestion Deck & URL where you can access your bespoke tailored-made vitamin plan. 

Here's what you'll get...

Each vitamin pack comes with a tray of 28 daily pockets, with each pocket filled with a number of supplements to help assist with specific needs.

A daily pocket consists of a combination of no more than a total of 6 capsules or tablets, for easy and safe consumption.

The tray is formatted as 7 days across and 4 weeks down, to help you follow a simple weekly vitamin routine.

Your vitamin pack will be delivered to you every 28 days, so you can stay on top of your health routine.

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